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Wheel alignment consists of a mechanical adjustment of car suspension to control the direction and angle of the tyre’s contact with the surface of the road. To get the most even wear and best performance from your tyres, get benefits from our authentic services of Wheel Alignment Near Grays, Essex. Perfectly aligned wheels provide you with;

  • Safe and obvious vehicle control
  • A seamless comfortable ride, free of pulling or vibration
  • Better fuel efficiency

Today’s vehicle suspensions need a perfect four-wheel alignment that can only be accomplished through a modern wheel alignment service. This applies to both front and rear-wheel drives. Our high-end Alloy Wheel Refurbishment near Grays, United Kingdom to repair any form of damage to the wheel, from scratches to dents and dings.

We are also new Tyre Suppliers, explore our tyres TODAY because we guarantee the Best Tyres prices in the United Kingdom. As well, our Part Worn Tyres near Gray’s provide tyre solutions for all sizes & leading brands.

Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

Do you know? A wheel alignment service is about the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension – not the tyres or wheels. That being told, after the wheel alignment, the direction and angles that the tyres point are essentially important.

We have a wide variety of tyres to suit all budgets which include part-worn tyres and new tyres. If your tyres haven’t been fitted correctly, this can lead to imbalances and your wheels will be misaligned. That’s why we always recommend you to get a professional like us for your tyre fittings.

“ALIGNMENT Is Essential To Getting The Most Out Of Your TYRES.”

The basic component of good tyre care is your wheel alignment. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your tyres, get a regular wheel alignment service from a trusted and authentic specialist like us. Ray’s MOT and Body Shop can help you infinitely with all your tyre maintenance needs.

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