The ABS sensor monitors the wheel’s speed and rotation to optimize both brake and traction control via the ABS.

What is an anti-lock brake system (ABS)?

An anti-lock brake system, ABS, is a system that is created to prevent you from “locking” your brakes up or putting in so much pressure on your brakes that the axle and the wheels themselves stop turning entirely. In case your wheels stop turning but your car is still moving too fast, you start to skid, and skidding makes you lose your complete control over your vehicle, which can be disastrous while driving at high speeds.

It enables you to have control over car, giving you the ability to possibly steer out of the way of an accident. In addition, it increases the lifetime of your tyres, your brake pads, your brake calipers, your wheels, and everything else that can influence your car’s braking.

Got An ABS Issue?

If you have an ABS issue, the experienced auto repair experts at Ray’s Garage can resolve this. We service all types of brakes in all makes and models of vehicles. We’re a team you can trust to accurately diagnose your issue and get it resolved with high-quality ABS installation in Grays, Essex, and labor-backed up by certified and professional technicians! We also provide the services of Reprograming ABS control modules that must be reprogrammed after installation. This method might be different depending on the specifications of the manufacturer.

Ray’s Garage is your definitive guide to ABS Speed Sensor Replacement. At Ray’s get an estimate for your vehicle and book a certified mechanic to perform your ABS Speed Sensor Replacement service in Grays.

If you need a brake service or repair, call Ray’s Garage, Essex.


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