Our Services Of Timing belt and Timing Chain Replacement

Our technicians can quickly and easily confirm the diagnosis of faulty timing belts and chains before proceeding with the Timing Belt Replacement in Grays, Essex. Timing chains take a lot longer to replace than belts due to their placement inside the front of the engine.

If you suspect your engine requires a timing belt or timing chain replacement, talk to a technician about your vehicle’s needs. Get your Timing chain replacement in Grays, Essex if your timing chain shows the following signs:

  • Starting the vehicle is difficult
  • Noise in the timing chain
  • Check engine light illuminated
  • Engine misfires and dragging.
  • When the engine is idling, it vibrates or shakes
  • The engine will not start
  • Squeaky tensioner
  • Badly worn or split belt edges
  • Bad idle that causes the whole car to sway

Ray’s Technicians Can Help Replace a Timing Belt

Replacement can prove to be a solution. These should be replaced between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Chain problems are most common in automobiles with long-distance mileage. Our technicians can easily perform the diagnosis of problematic timing belts and chains before progressing with tIn case your vehicle experiences such signs and symptoms then Timing Belt and Timing Chain replacement. The diagnostic process also inspects any other problems contributing to the signs and warnings you discuss during the consultation.

The timing chain is a vital component of your engine, and your car would be impractical without it. If your timing chain gets broken while you’re driving, your vehicle’s engine may suffer disastrous damage. If you notice any of the warnings described above, the best way to avoid major engine damage is to have your timing chain replacement by our skilled mechanic. You may save a lot of money and greatly increase the life of your engine by being proactive and aware. If your engine is equipped with a timing belt, the timing belt replacement is necessary at the service interval stated by the vehicle manufacturer.


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