DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning service is vital in keeping your DPF in good condition, not just  DPF but your vehicle as well.

These days all diesel vehicles need a Diesel Particulate Filter. Regular DPF cleaning and maintenance keeps your engine driving seamlessly and smoothly. In fact, if the filter is not working at its 100 percent then your engine performance is affected, it suffers badly.

If you keep your filter clean, as a result, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is an integral part of your vehicle’s engine’s Exhaust System, and even if it’s partially choked or clogged, it still makes the back pressure high in the engine. This eventually affects your fuel saving. That’s why you must maintain a routine of your vehicle’s DPF cleaning services in Grays.

Get DPF Cleaning Before It Gets Worst

When your DPF functions efficiently, it burns off particles and hydrocarbons in your exhaust system, and this causes the build-up of ashes in a short time span. Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning services in Grays remove these built-up ashes and let the filter function in the most perfect way. When you notice any noises from your car, it is a warning sign and it is high time to get your DPF checked out and get it cleaned before the clogging progresses to more engine problems. So, at this time DPF cleaning from Ray’s MOT and Body Shop is a good idea.

Our DPF cleaning is very affordable, get our services of DPF cleaning and replacement every now and then. If you think that your vehicle’s DPFs are not functioning anymore like they used to then you must get it all cleaned up now! Just remember that Diesel Particulate Filter services are important for making sure that the filters sufficiently perform their role at their best as a means of decreasing emissions, improving fuel saving, and helping vehicles move quieter without any unpleasant noises.


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