Your automobile is more prone to experience troubles on the long routes such as overheating or a flat tire making your driving experience awful. If you already have mechanical troubles, low fluids, or damaged parts, we suggest a comprehensive vehicle check. We deem it necessary to add here that we offer up to 71-point check (71-point inspection) for vehicles at exceedingly affordable prices. Additionally, cars full and mid service list is useful to have before a long journey to avoid these. Keep reading to find a list of the measures you must take before leaving for a long drive.

Inspect the Exterior of the Vehicle

The very first step you should take is go around your vehicle and examine the exterior. There are some things to take into consideration:

You should ensure that none of the glass, including the side panels, front and back windscreens, have any breaks. If there are any cracks, we advise having them repaired as soon as possible to prevent them from growing into larger and costlier issues.

Check Your Tyres

Your car’s tires are one of its most crucial components, therefore you should assess the required tread depth and proper tyre pressure on each of your car’s tires, along with the spare if there is one.

You can thoroughly examine the outside and verify the look and tread. But you’ll require a pressure gauge to test the gas pressure.

When inspecting the wheels, look for fissures and lumps because these are signs of deterioration.And these could become more serious if people drive on them.

If you have any concerns about their condition, we advise having your tyres checked by a professional before embarking on any lengthy excursions.

Clean Your Screen

In order to be able to clearly see the road ahead of you and other vehicles nearby, it is crucial that both your front and back windscreens are spotless.

Inspect the windscreen washers water level, the condition of the washing jets, and the extent of wear on each wiper blade. The use of screen wash detergent is advised as it helps to maintain the windscreen free of debris. Additional incentive to use an appropriate antifreeze screenwash is the possibility of a frosted windscreen.

Replacement of all the Filters

The filter must be clean and typically be white. Before sealing the airbox again, change it if it appears excessively dirty. Although the majority of cars may go for thousands of kilometers without necessitating an air filter replacement, it’s a good idea to double-check it. The air filter is typically found in the air box that is connected to the end of an inlet.

Most air containers use clips to keep them closed. Open the box and have a peek at the filters after removing them.

Brakes and Coolant Fluids Check

Following an oil change, it is advised that you keep an eye on it for 3 to 4 days. Send your automobile to a shop like Ray’s garage for an assessment if the antifreeze level lowers quickly since it might be leaking.

You must take the probe out in order to check the fluid levels. It should be simple to find as it will either be a very bright yellow or orange pull band. After removing the probe you must thoroughly clean it otherwise the remaining oil residue could give a false reading.

You can acquire the readings from the oil tank once the probe is clean. The dipstick’s lowest and highest level marks must be your range. If your probe doesn’t display these indicators, it should be at a respectable level.

Please take note that the best time to do this is after the engine has cooled.

Spark Plug Replacement

Air, fuel, and spark are the three components that engines require to ignite the combustion process. Spark plugs fire a high-voltage spark into the cylinder as soon as fuel and air reach the combustor. They are not permanent. The lifespan of your spark plugs, like that of the majority of other components of your car, is limited. You must get spark plug replacement service before leaving for a long journey as it might create a hurdle in your otherwise smooth trip.

Ensure Your Lights are Working

Before beginning any lengthy drive, don’t  forget to check the functionality of your car’s lighting throughout. Among other lights, headlights, front and back fog lamps, turning lights, and side mirror turning lights, are crucial. They all have a big impact on improving your car’s visibility and making sure other drivers are aware of its movements. Therefore Before starting your travel, check to see if any of the lights are malfunctioning.

Test Your Brake Pads

The most crucial aspect of a car, compared to other functions, is not just acceleration but also braking. You must ensure that it works flawlessly in order to be able to pay attention to the road. If you hear any noises when you brake, take your car to a reputable shop for an inspection to make sure the brake pads are still functional and to evaluate the width of the brake pads. Don’t forget to ask the mechanic when you must change the brake pads.

Check the Wiring

The electric windows, the HVAC system, and the power steering are the top three systems we advise inspecting.

Turning on the engine and trying to open and close each window to make sure they are all working properly is an easy method for evaluating the windows. We also advise utilizing parental controls to stop young children or pets from accidentally opening the back windows and doors.

Fuel Refill is a No-Brainer

Although it seems apparent, it’s surprising that low levels of fuels cause the most breakdowns.

Therefore, if you’re embarking on a lengthy journey, you should refuel at the gas station. By doing this, you may make sure you have enough gasoline or diesel to get where you’re going without running out of fuel or having to pay exorbitant costs at service stations along the highway.

Parting Words

We hope this checklist will help you get ready for your upcoming road trip. By inspecting your car before and after a long drive, you can ensure that you have a comfortable and safe drive. Having said that, Ray’s Garage is the best choice if you’re seeking for a professional full and mid service.

To make sure each automobile is a delight to drive, we put them all through a comprehensive vehicle check and expert refurbishing.

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