The car’s brakes are its most crucial safety component. When the brake warning lights come on, there may be an issue that endangers the safety of the driver and the vehicle. So, driving should not be done when the brake system warning light is on.

It implies that the brakes require replacement soon. However, it is conceivable that a more serious issue is developing, such as a braking system leak. It is far more serious and requires you to act quickly to bring your car to London for a warning light assessment.

Why does the light shine? There are a number of causes why it might illuminate. However, many drivers are unable to recognise their warning lights or the associated risks.

Why do the Brake Warning Lights Illuminate?


Your Parking Brake is Engaged

When you apply parking brake to your car, the braking system lights come on. Never try to drive your car in such a situation. If you do that, you will be severely harming its braking rotors and pads . If you hadn’t used your parking brakes at all, your car must be facing another problem turning on the dashboard’s brake light.

Brake Pad Thickness is Reduced

In the direst situation, a thin and torn brake pad can bring the back panel in touch with the brake discs. and subsequently the inner layer with the brake discs. Some more recent vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, etc., come with a sensor at the brake pad that activates the light when the brakes are worn. Brake pads should be inspected for thickness and replaced as necessary.

Extreme Low Level of Fluids

Brake fluid is necessary for your car’s brakes to function correctly. Low levels of brake fluids might be a potential cause of worn out pads. Instead of adding more brake fluid, an experienced mechanic can fix the issue by changing the brake pads. On the contrary, there are times when it is necessary to replace or level off the brake fluid level. Bring your car to a reputable mechanic shop like Ray’s Garage if you notice that the light continuously illuminates. There, qualified mechanics would be capable of pinpointing the problem with your brake system and eventually fix it.

ABS Malfunction

Trouble with the Anti-Lock Braking System can occur occasionally, just like with anything else. The majority of vehicles come with an anti-lock brake system, which helps keep the wheels from becoming locked up and the tyres from losing grip in slick conditions. One of the ABS Alert Lights will illuminate if your car has a problem with this system. The error-code system identifies this light, which may signal one or more probable ABS issues. However, in these circumstances, we strongly advise that you have an ABS warning light examination performed as soon as possible by a licensed service repair facility.

Faulty Speed Sensor

The ISS and OSS speed sensors in the automobile function in tandem to display transmission data to the powertrain module. Having said that, your wheel’s speed sensor, which measures rotational speed, is located within. If your sensor fails, the traction control and ABS lights can suddenly turn on. Or your car might start to sputter. It is advised to check your sensors and get an ABS warning light inspection done if your ABS warning light is on to identify the issue. Additionally, the sensor may only need to be cleaned in some circumstances. In other situations it may be necessary to completely replace it.

False Alarm Due to Oversensitive Brake System Warning Lights

Your car’s brake light bulbs may truly be dead, which would turn on and keep on your brake warning light. To ensure that the brake pads and brake discs are in contact, lightly press the brake pedal a few times. Turn off the dashboard for a brief period of time. Check to check if the light is still on after turning on the dashboard once again. Ask for help and guidance if the brake warning light remains illuminated. If you discover that the warning lights are completely off, you must change the bulbs, since they have blown out.

Final Advice

Last but not least, if both the brake and ABS warning lights come on at the same time, it can be a sign of a more serious issue. The best course of action is to pull over as soon as you can in a safe location and dial for roadside help because this could be deadly. Additionally, the information in this piece is solely for informational reasons. If you’re not sure what’s wrong, schedule a warning light inspection in London, and one of Ray Garage mechanics will identify the problem and fix your automobile.


If braking efficiency decreases, requiring you to apply more force than usual to the brake pedal to stop the car.

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